Tips on How to Create a Memorable Anniversary Celebration

The day the two of you celebrated with your family and friends the beginning of your marriage is your wedding day.  The continuation of your love for one another throughout the years is what an anniversary celebrates. 

 Anniversary Celebration


To be celebrated in memorable ways is what each and every wedding anniversary deserves. It is an annual renewal of your commitment to one another when you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Well, here are some ideas that will help you and your spouse create a memorable wedding anniversary. 

    Wedding Day Mementos 

By many couples, wedding day mementos are saved. You can use this on your wedding anniversary. On your first wedding anniversary, save the top layer of your wedding cake and share it with one another. 

On your anniversary date, you can melt the candles that were previously used at your wedding ceremony or reception and transform it into one big candle.  You can also use as a centerpiece for any anniversary dinners that you have at home if you saved or dried your wedding bouquet.  

From your wedding reception, you surely have a pile of unused napkins. You can use these on your anniversary. 

    Plan a Weekend Away Together 

Figuring out a way to be alone together for the weekend is a great way to celebrate your anniversary. On your anniversary, planning a weekend away isn’t something that you should do every year. However, an opportunity to reassess and renew your commitment as a couple is provided by having a weekend away together. 

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    Anniversary Party Ideas 

By circling the date and noting what anniversary you will be celebrating, you will be assured that you will be prepared during that day if you are planning to gather your family and friends. With your partner, plan your anniversary celebration. At least two weeks in advance, start planning how you will celebrate the day. 

Throughout the years, it is a good idea to keep an anniversary scrapbook or journal of your anniversary celebrations. Without saving these memories in a journal, there will surely be a day wherein you won’t remember how you celebrated some of your anniversaries as well as the gifts you received. 

    No Gift Dilemma 

They have their reasons for a request if the anniversary couple asks that they do not receive gifts on their anniversary. Many people believe that they will not need a lot of stuff. You must respect their choice if they will accept your gift or not. 

    Anniversary Celebration Etiquette 

Putting the desires of the anniversary couple first is the best anniversary celebration etiquette. Think twice if you are planning to surprise a couple on their anniversary because some couples do not respond well to these kinds of surprises. You must ensure that they are receptive to being surprised and haven’t made other plans on that day.