Tips on How to Create a Memorable Anniversary Celebration

The day the two of you celebrated with your family and friends the beginning of your marriage is your wedding day.  The continuation of your love for one another throughout the years is what an anniversary celebrates. 

 Anniversary Celebration


To be celebrated in memorable ways is what each and every wedding anniversary deserves. It is an annual renewal of your commitment to one another when you celebrate your wedding anniversary. Well, here are some ideas that will help you and your spouse create a memorable wedding anniversary. 

    Wedding Day Mementos 

By many couples, wedding day mementos are saved. You can use this on your wedding anniversary. On your first wedding anniversary, save the top layer of your wedding cake and share it with one another. 

On your anniversary date, you can melt the candles that were previously used at your wedding ceremony or reception and transform it into one big candle.  You can also use as a centerpiece for any anniversary dinners that you have at home if you saved or dried your wedding bouquet.  

From your wedding reception, you surely have a pile of unused napkins. You can use these on your anniversary. 

    Plan a Weekend Away Together 

Figuring out a way to be alone together for the weekend is a great way to celebrate your anniversary. On your anniversary, planning a weekend away isn’t something that you should do every year. However, an opportunity to reassess and renew your commitment as a couple is provided by having a weekend away together. 

There are many places wherein you can have a weekend trip, if you are near the Willamette River, you can avail of their trolleys to enjoy a scenic ride while with your partner, click here 

    Anniversary Party Ideas 

By circling the date and noting what anniversary you will be celebrating, you will be assured that you will be prepared during that day if you are planning to gather your family and friends. With your partner, plan your anniversary celebration. At least two weeks in advance, start planning how you will celebrate the day. 

Throughout the years, it is a good idea to keep an anniversary scrapbook or journal of your anniversary celebrations. Without saving these memories in a journal, there will surely be a day wherein you won’t remember how you celebrated some of your anniversaries as well as the gifts you received. 

    No Gift Dilemma 

They have their reasons for a request if the anniversary couple asks that they do not receive gifts on their anniversary. Many people believe that they will not need a lot of stuff. You must respect their choice if they will accept your gift or not. 

    Anniversary Celebration Etiquette 

Putting the desires of the anniversary couple first is the best anniversary celebration etiquette. Think twice if you are planning to surprise a couple on their anniversary because some couples do not respond well to these kinds of surprises. You must ensure that they are receptive to being surprised and haven’t made other plans on that day.

Tips on Family Vacations with Teens and Young Adults

There is nothing nicer than a happy family vacation for most parents. Own challenges will emerge if you travel with college kids and young adult. It is easy for misunderstanding and frustration to develop because as a parent you may no longer be about to set the agenda the way you did on a family trip. 

 Family Vacations


Before family adventure begins, much of the pain and unpleasantness can be avoided with some frank conversation. In order to have a wonderful family break, here some things to set straight before you set out. 

    Discuss Who Will Pay 

It is true that vacations are expensive and the extras can also add up. Setting out in advance who will be responsible for the cost of travel, lodging, and food will help lessen misunderstandings. Everyone must be informed on who will pay for the vacation, or if you divide the bills, ensure that everyone is familiar with their part. 

    Talk About Late Nights and Early Mornings 

Grown children and their parents can seem to live in different time zones while home for the holidays. Hours after their parents had theirs; the younger ones often stay up late and look for breakfast. It is true that it will work well in the family home but it is a completely different story if you are traveling.  

Conflict can arise if some family members are up and ready to go early while others are still sleeping. Young adults who are working hard all year may realize that their vacation time is the perfect opportunity to catch up some sleep. To avoid parents fuming as they wait for their kids to wake up and start the day, some frank talk can help. 

    Talk About What Will You Do 

They want to be with you every moment of a family vacation when kids are small. It is important for families to have an agreement on what they will do together as well as the time wherein they will part ways. If your destination is somewhere near Portland you can use a trolley to make your vacation more enjoyable. 

You need to ask the members of your family things such as if they like to sightsee, do they skip breakfast, as well as if you are planning to eat every meal together and undertake every activity together. If you have cleared these things in your family, misunderstanding will lessen. 

    Plan the Trip Together 

A great way to get buy-in from all travelers is by having a family consensus about the destination. It is possible that the things parents consider being fun for their young adult children may fall flat and become an expensive and frustrating journey. 

The more enjoyable the time will be if the days of calling the shots are over and the more grown kids are involved during the planning of your vacation. You will surely have a great time with fewer frustrations and misunderstandings if you consider some ideas of the grown kids in your family. 

Ways to Take Cheap Family Vacations

It is the time spent together is what makes a vacation fun and parents know about this. There are many cheap family vacations to take on a limited budget such as winter break getaway, spring respite to an amusement park, scenic ride using a trolley in Portland or a summer trip to a beach. 



However, they often find they have far expected their budget by the end of the trip when families set out to take cheap family vacations.  By applying the following planning and budget trips to your travel plans, cheap family vacations can become true. 

You can search for travel deals. It is a good idea to search for options that will allow you to take cheap family vacations whether you start from browsing discount vacations websites to calling your local travel agent to inquire about cheap package deals. 

It is also a good idea to inquire for extras which can range from an extra night free to extra tickets to a dinner buffet. It is really worth it to inquire if there is any extra that can reduce the cost of your trip. Ask how you can take advantage of extra options anytime you speak to a travel or booking agent. 

You can also look for all-inclusive packages. At all-inclusive resorts or family oriented travel destinations, cheap family vacations can sometimes be found. All inclusive is often associated with bundled one price packages that usually include hotel accommodations, food, and activities. 

If you have an infant or toddler, you can also take family vacations during off-peak travel times like when it is still school time. Take a summer vacation at a nearby beach or resort a week before school ends if you want less hassle. 

Before traveling, many resorts and family vacation spots offer last minute travel specials one to two weeks.  This often associated with vacant rooms not booked. The cost of the rooms will be lower and the good thing is that it can be up for some price negotiation. 

By booking activities such as off ship excursions on a cruise, you can save money. Through travel or booking agents, cut-rate activity prices are usually offered as part of package deals. You will also have a significant amount of money by cooking one meal each day in your room.  

You can have cereal for breakfast every morning as well as eliminate the pricey cost of having three meals per day even if you simply ask for a refrigerator in your room. To rack up extra expenses such as room service and souvenirs is easy if you use your credit card for purchases.  

Instead, you can use your travelers check bought in advance of traveling or you can simply pay cash. Using this way will ensure that you will not exceed your allotted budget on vacation.  

It is true that hard earned money is really hard to spend but you will also need to pamper yourself and take some rest. However, it is not necessary that you empty your bank account just to enjoy your vacation.